Return to the Indigo League

3416801456_44074a3ed2_oPokemon has made a real comeback lately, showing up on Twitch and Netflix. The success of its return is no surprise, really. Think about those who are watching the original “Indigo League” – it’s all people in their early 20s. I think it’s huge (second-time) victory is thanks to nostalgia.

Gotta catch ’em all!
I’m watching Pokemon on Netflix right now, actually. It’s the episode where Snorlax fell asleep at the source of a river, ruining the irrigation of a town’s crops. I remember watching this as a kid. My brother had Ash’s hat and we both had more cards and other memorabilia than we knew what to do with! I remember getting the new Pokemon guide book with every iteration that came out, and I owned Pokeballs and figurines. I got rid of a lot of it, though I still have my Dratini toy and a few holographic cards.  Watching the show now sends me back to childhood.

Would I love Pokemon so much now had I not grown up during its heyday? I’m not sure, though it’s likely I wouldn’t. It’s not terribly well written, at least not until later in the show (“Goodbye, Pikachu” has all the feels!).

Whether its nostalgia or that the show is just a lot of fun, I’m glad I’m getting back into “Indigo League.”

P.S. Whenever the theme song plays, I sing it (the harmony part) to Pinto Bean. She’s my Pikachu!


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