5-Hour Skirt

Finishing the Seams I didn’t have the fabric or pattern to make the pieces I had planned for my next Victorian outfit, so I decided to make a simple skirt for era daywear. It’s an A line that I imagine the wearer would use for physical activity or in the home. I’m surprised because I started it at 5:30 last night and finished it by 10:30. I knew the A line would real easy to complete, but I usually don’t have the patience to sew that many hours consecutively. Anyway, here are some pictures of it in the making and an outfit I put together:

First stages
I used the same pattern I did for the red outfit, but with a few adjustments. I made it shorter so it would fall above the ankles – a short skirt is good for running around or walking outside. I don’t like the yoke that they use in the pattern, so I made my own. The yoke on the red outfit is the same, only wider. I didn’t like how that one turned out, so I slimmed this one down a bit.

In this picture, my rabbit Pinto Bean is helping me pin the fabric (and by help I mean that she just nibbled on the fabric the whole time).

pinto sewing

After the fabric was pinned and cut, I got to sewing. I decided to finish all the seams with flare. The vertical seams are all cased with a lace trim and the yoke is finished with red tape (which you’ll see in later photos). I also use my iron a lot when sewing. It’s easier to hem, pin, etc., when the fabric stays in place. Also, the final product is sharper when pressed.

Done and done
I’m happy with how the skirt turned out. It was a fun and easy project, a interlude to the more challenging work I’m doing on the other outfit.

Skirt: Right Side Out

The next photo is of the skirt inside out. I wanted to show the seam finishes.

Skirt: Inside Out

The rest of the photos are the whole outfit. I bought the corset over the summer and the blouse was actually given to me. A friend was moving and she had two vintage sheer blouses she didn’t want to take with her. I thought they’d be a perfect addition to my Victorian wardrobe and they certainly look great with the corset and skirt.

Outfit: Whole Thing

I had to stand on my toilet to take a picture in my short bathroom mirror. I’m glad it worked!

Top Closeup

This one shows the corset and blouse in more detail. Yay selfies!


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