A Cup a Day (or something like that)

coffee and booksCoffee and writing have always seem synonymous to me, and now I know why. According to a survey conducted by Dunkin’ Donuts and Career Builder, people in a writing or editing career drink a lot of coffee. The survey laid out the top 10 coffee drinking professions and writer/editor landed at spot No. 4.


Focused writing
I love coffee, so much of what I write about it going to be bias (though I’ll try to look at the drink clearly). The taste is amazing, as long as you’re drinking the good stuff. I started consuming it black once I bought my own coffee and turned away from Folgers. The caffeine doesn’t do much for me anymore, since I’ve been drinking between 2 and 4 cups a day for years. But that’s just my journey with the drink.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, people who drink coffee regularly actually have a lower risk of dying prematurely from heart disease than those who drink it occasionally. Coffee even contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals in your body (green tea and some fruits also have it). When you drink in excess of three cups of coffee, your metabolism gets a boost and you burn more calories – sweet!

Drinking at work
The Dunkin’ Donuts/Career Builder survey found that professionals rely on coffee to get through their work day. In fact, 34 percent of responders admitted to that fact. Another 46 percent say they are less productive without a cup of Joe. 

Scientists and lab technicians stated they needed coffee the most of those surveyed, followed (in order of most dependent) by marketing and public relations professionals (hey, that’s me!), educational administrators, writers and editors (me again!) and health care administrators. 

I don’t know if I drink more since I am in two categories, but I do know that I enjoy coffee and that if I skip a cup I get a headache (I know, I’m addicted). So where do you fall on the coffee consumption list? 



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