5 Ways to Prepare for Ragnarok

RagnarokWell, we once again came away from a predicted apocalypse, and this time it was from the Vikings. Their mythology set the end of the world for Saturday, Feb. 22, and fortunately, it didn’t happen. At least, I don’t see rivers of blood or warring gods. However, I thought it might be fun to go ahead and play around with Viking lore. So next time we face imminent destruction, take a look at these tips for surviving Ragnarok:

1. Get a sword
Because we’re living in Viking mythology, you’re better off getting a sword and shield than any other type of weapon (and I’d argue for a sword in the Zombie apocalypse as well). Always carry a sharpening stone and a cloth to wipe off the blood of your foes.

2. Suit up
Grab some chain mail and a good helmet to protect yourself from enemies.

3. Pray to the gods
Now’s the time to win favor with your chosen Viking god. That way he or she may spare you during Ragnarok. However, you might want to lie low when the time comes. The gods will have their own issues to take care of.

4. Get a lighting source
Loki’s grandsons (who are wolves) will eat the son and moon, so you won’t be able to see very well. Get yourself some torches or a flashlight with extra batteries to prepare for Ragnarok.

5. Hunker down
Though bloody and destructive, Ragnarok ends with some hope. Mythology claims that the earth will be reborn and that humans will again populate the earth. So if you can hold out, you’ll be fine.


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