Inspiration From Other Mediums

Playing on my Mac

Playing on my Mac

As mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been struggling to muster the motivation to begin a new work of fiction. Fortunately, I have found a muse (I was going to say “my muse,” but I don’t know that it’s THAT powerful)!

Gaming is productive
My boyfriend and I began playing through the game Banner Saga, and I was captured from the start screen.  The art, for one, is striking. It’s at once simple and complex, saturated and muted, fluid and rigid. As a whole, I’d called it stylized. In a way, the game’s art nods to Norse culture, which is appropriate for a game heavily influenced by Vikings. I picked up my neglected sketchbook in the same weekend we began the game.

The game play becomes increasingly frustrating, as you must make complex and challenging decisions. Right now, we must either spend points to increase our characters’ abilities, thus saving the caravan from attacks, or feed our followers – and that’s just one example! I want some of that merciless storytelling in my work.

Dreaming up stories
The piece I’ve started working on will be the second story inspired by my dreams. I rather like this method, as my dreams tend to be awesome. They’re filled with fantasy and ripe with metaconflict. I typically make a few tweaks to my dreams in order to create a more complex and coherent plot. That’s the stage I’m at now.

I’ve drawn the two main characters and written blurbs from their points of view. Everything is in the planning and learning stage, and I’m having a blast!


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