How to get noticed

I’m having a hard time thinking of a creative post to write, so I figured I can share some of the things I’ve learned from my job (maybe it’ll help me get my writing back on track).  I work at a content marketing company that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, we use specific strategies when writing articles for our clients that will get their webpage noticed. All the techniques I use when writing for my clients can also help get your blog page some attention. Here’s how:

Split your articles into sections using subheadings. Consumers these days don’t like to read through a huge block of text. Think about it – which are you more likely to read, an article that’s one huge blog of text or one that has sections? Subheadings allow readers who are in a hurry to gather information without spending too much time in one place. If you’re article is 400 words or more, split it into appropriately-named subheadings.

Use the right words
SEO relies on “keywords,” which are the words you type in Google to find whatever you’re looking for. If you’re writing about makeup techniques, brainstorm the type of language your readers will use to search for information. Use those words in your article. For example, I’d type “eyeshadow application techniques” if I wanted to learn a new way to highlight my eyes. You with me? Try new phrases out and stick with the ones that seem to be working.

Keep writing content that makes sense for your blog concept, but change the amount of words you use, the format your work is in and the title of the post. Many readers are drawn to things like “How to draw a stick figure,” or “10 reasons you should buy indy games.” While those are the most effective titles (lists and how to’s), you should change your wording often.

As far as content goes, write about anything that has to do with your topic. My blog is about writing. This post is about SEO practices, but it applies to writing. I also talk about how I’m struggling with finding inspiration or what I’m currently working on. If you blog about fashion then cover the latest trends, detail celebrity fashion, review new lines, etc. Anything that can be connected to your concept is game.

Have fun
While all these tips will help you get more views, the most important part about keeping a personal blog is that you enjoy it! You didn’t start this because you wanted a certain number of followers (well, maybe). A personal blog is about sharing your passions and connecting to like-minded people. As long as you get something out of it, blog about whatever you want.


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