Stretching My Creative Muscles

I keep feeling like I’m on the verge of creativity. Some part of me desperately wants and needs to create. The only issue is…well a couple things.

I’m out of practice
Between working my “9 to 5,” figuring out how to live on my own and establishing new, strong relationships, I feel like I haven’t had time to do creative things. Basically, I’m out of practice. Part of me fears that if I don’t make something right now that I’ll lose the ability forever. I know it’s not that urgent, but “I’ll try tomorrow” can become “I’ll try next week,” or even “I”ll try next month,” and so on until I stop making new things. I don’t want that to happen.

I’m uninspired
Perhaps being uninspired has a lot to do with being out of practice. Not only are my creation muscles unworked, so are my motivational muscles. I need a workout (OK, so not the best metaphor, but remember, I’m rusty at this)! I need to find that thing that pushes me to redesign my life in some way. On a positive note, I watched the premiere of Downton Abbey, season 4 and I immediately decided to decorate my kitchen to reflect the Edwardian period. So that may be something…not holding my breath.

I’ll get past this one way or another. I think I just have to jump back in and let myself produce some mediocre work before I remember what the good stuff feels like.


One thought on “Stretching My Creative Muscles

  1. You’ll get there– I recommend filling yourself with all sorts of good input (books, movies, art), get some exercise out in nature, and then write crazy without regard to what it looks or sounds like. It’s mostly about just starting! Good luck 🙂

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