Decorating a new apartment

I moved into a new apartment last week and am in the process of turning it into a home. I’ve realized a few things; I don’t have much stuff, lighting is super important and taste and comfort aren’t always the same.

I don’t have much stuff
This place feels empty to me. Granted, I don’t have all the basics yet. I still need a kitchen table and chairs. a sofa and book cases. However, I thought the furniture I did have would be enough to fill the living space. It’s amazing how big a studio apartment can seem when it’s not filled. I think I’ll feel cozier in this place once I’ve gotten all the essential furnishings – plus some more decorations.

Lighting is super important
I’m all cutting my energy consumption, but fluorescent bulbs are so uncomfortable. The cool light makes a room feel industrial. I have a few lamps with CFLs and a couple with incandescent. When I want to feel cozy, I use the latter. It’s amazing how instantly relaxed I feel when I make the switch. I do have  a strand of LED lights that have a warm glow. Those are awesome! So I think I have to start looking for darker lampshades to put over the CFLs or switch to yellow LED. I want to be energy conscious and comfy as best as possible.

Taste and comfort aren’t always the same
I imagined my apartment to be strict mid-century modern  in design. I realized that this wouldn’t happen immediately, as I’m still getting furniture and decorations. But I saw it in the near future. However, as I start to put my room together, I realize that might not be the atmosphere that puts me at ease. While I love to look at mid-century modern design, I’m feeling most comfortable in a more modern rustic room. It’s a bit surprising how my taste preference is different in idea versus execution.


2 thoughts on “Decorating a new apartment

  1. Congrats on your new place. I’ve been in my home 10 years now and the rooms have changed style and colour a lot in that time. I agree that lighting is so important. Its great to have a central light feature, but that doesn’t always offer enough light as a whole, lamps are a great addition to cosy up those dark corners and add ambience. A touch of rustic is always fab as it adds a warmth and texture to a space and can work with a modern or country style. Good luck and happy homemaking :O)

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