My Great Migration

I’ve been wanting to move out of state for some time now so lately I’ve been calculating the cost. Sadly, the results are daunting. Renting a moving truck is nearly $2000. The apartments in the area I’m looking are hard to come by at a reasonable rate. And I’m still working on getting a car. Perhaps this isn’t the best time to move out, but if I don’t, I fear I’ll explode.

I’ve been living in the same place my whole life and I desperately want to see more of the world. I just hope and pray that I can cover the costs of my adventure. I keep getting excited then discouraged by my research. Is there a way to do this on budget? Right now I’m in my stressed out mood. I think the pressure of wanting it now is what’s making the planning so hard.

I guess it’s que sera sera from here on out.


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