Bored in the Rain

I have a lot of time on my hands right now and I keep telling myself to start a new writing project or even pick up an old one. Unfortunately, I have no new ideas and my old stories don’t seem worth the effort. I think boredom is to blame for my lack of inspiration. I’m usually at my creative best when I’m being challenged. I need a push. I need to be busy. My mind has nothing to work on currently, so the creative gears are not spinning very rapidly if at all.

I came to my blog today itching to write yet without a reason. Hopefully, this little complaint sent out to the great wide internet will gi e me something of a boost.

The only mildly exciting occurrence today was the rain. The weather map didn’t show clouds in my area but somehow, I am watching curtains outside my window. Rain is the perfect weather to write in. The soft patter is a soothing white noise that clears out distraction. The dull gray light is like a blanket, inviting me to stay indoors. Had I a story to work on, today would be the day to dive in.


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