Welcome to the Alumni Association

Today I graduated.

As I read the status updates of my fellow graduates, I feel I too have something to add to the conversation, though I’m not sure what. I don’t think the gravity of this life step has set in. I was present and in the moment the whole night, but it flew by. The flashes of cameras capture the choppy instantaneous energy of commencement in a way I can’t accurately describe. I will remember my undergraduate career in snapshots. Tonight felt like another pile to add to the collection.

All of my friends certainly made the experience worth while, but I felt oddly distant from them tonight. Perhaps I have preemptively parted from them in preparation for separation. The real issue could be that the journey ahead is one that only I can take. I don’t know who will be there or for what parts, but in the end, it’s my path. Fortunately, I think I know of a few people who are life companions.

To everyone who has shown love and support, I have nothing but love and gratitude. Their honesty has helped me learn more about who I am.

The road ahead is scary. I may fail, but as long as I try, I learn something.


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