A Time for Lasts

I’ll be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in 10 days, which means right now, my life is full of lasts.

Yesterday night was my last martial arts class with the sensei I’ve been working with for a year and a half. I’ve learned two different forms from him and I love the way he teaches. He’s very good at explaining the application of techniques. In the time I’ve been doing martial arts, I’ve felt my confidence and self-worth grow. Where before I had nit-picky issues with my body, now I’m proud of how strong I am. I like the way I look and I feel that I’ve earned it. I want to continue studying martial arts the rest of my life, which will start with looking for a new teacher wherever I end up living.

Today was my last class as an undergraduate. It was an anticlimactic experience with no “goodbyes” or it was “great working with you.” I just left like any other day and came home to make lunch. Not everyone around me is graduating, so the end of the year most likely doesn’t have the same weight for them.

Next week I’ll have my last final, my last day at work, my last meal in town, my last night in my apartment, all leading up to my last walk through campus. As these things stack up, I feel my emotions shifting unpredictably. Sometimes I’m incredibly excited, looking forward to the adventures I will have. Sometimes I’m nostalgic. But the most important thing for me to remember is I will be alright. I’m starting a new chapter.


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