Get Me Out of Here

Lately I have been itching for an adventure. I have read stories of faraway places full of cultures to explore and I am stuck in middle America, waiting to get out.

I was bitten by the travel bug when I went to Italy. I spent a week in Rome and a week in Venice. I loved each city for a different reason. Rome was mighty and full of history. Wherever I looked, ruins told myths of past civilizations. I could imagine the scenes that took place at each site. Venice was romantic with its maze-like structure that led me toward discoveries I never thought I would have. Both cities had crowded allies with small shops and restaurants often hidden in the stone. The pace of life in Italy is slower than in the US and people take off work during meal time, which could last hours.

I still dream of Italy. I threw my coin in the Trevi Fountain and have yet to return.

Right now, I want to go to Japan. I’ve taken a year and half of Japanese, though I’m not very good with the language. The landscapes are breathtaking in photographs. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to stand among the sakura trees as petals danced around me. Japanese culture is also vastly different from other cultures I’ve taken in interest it, it is the most unique.

I have been considering teaching English their through some organization or another, though I am still only in the research phase of my considering.

Another country I’d like to see is Taiwan. I know very little about it, but I do know of a Buddhist temple where the monks do tattoos. If I ever find myself in Taiwan, I will make it a priority to get one done.

I have been so uninspired lately. Everything around me is unchanging and routine. I need a change. I need a culture shock. Hopefully, it will happen soon.


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