Now Hiring…As Long As You’ve Got Experience

The “real world” seems like an impending yet elusive phantom. I am in my final semester of undergrad and all I can think about is what happens the moment I assume the title of college graduate. I know this sounds entitled, but shouldn’t a degree allow me to get a full-time job in my career track? Unfortunately, I’m feeling that it doesn’t. I applied for a summer teaching job, had an interview, and was turned down. I have to go back to the beginning, looking for some company that needs a writer to do whatever. So far, the job postings I’ve seen have been daunting.

“Seeking writer with at least 5 years experience in technical writing.” “Must have 4 years of professional experience in proposal writing.”

Not I.

There is a direct correlation between the decrease in my hope and the increase in my time spent playing the Sims. My character’s life goal is to be a professional writer. So far, she has 4 novels out and makes $800 a week in royalties. She has a cat and an amazing house. She never had to send query letters or write synopses of her work. Publishes paid her for each chapter she finished.

My character has never had a real job. I just type in a cheat code and watch the money pour in. Her bills are paid on time. She doesn’t have to worry about rent. Her life is pretty easy.

No wonder I enjoy controlling her life. Lately I feel I cannot always control mine.

If my Sim were a real person, I bet she wouldn’t feel very satisfied. If my life were as easy as hers, I may not feel that I’ve earned it. I’m proud of my grades because I put in the work to get them. The money I get biweekly is money I earned. So then the job I eventually land will be a job I sought and the writing I publish will be a tribute to the hours I spent hounding publishers. Hopefully.

And if all else fails, I can get a cat.



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