My Own

Ukulele FrontToday was a good day.

It began simply with a hearty breakfast and one of my favorite t.v. shows. I was surprised when the doorbell rang. My aunt and uncle had sent my a birthday gift. My uncle hand makes guitars as a hobby and I have always wanted one. My parents have other wood nick-knacks he’s made them, but I have never seen one of his instruments up close. Until today.

In a securely packaged box sat a soprano ukulele made for me. It’s beautiful. The back and sides are constructed out of Indian rosewood. The face is carved of Asian mahogany. The fingerboard is paduak and the head plate is bocote maple. As I ran my fingers over the various woods, I marveled at the time it must have taken for my uncle to create the instrument. I don’t think any present I have ever received has been made this carefully. Though my aunt and uncle live far from me and I rarely see them, I felt a great deal of love when I saw that ukulele. My name was even painted on the back of the head. This instrument is mine, made with care. I think I may be beginning to understand why samurai felt their soul was in their swords. It sounds dramatic, I realize, but I am moved all the same.

I practiced the ukulele until my fingers were too sore to keep going. It’s been a while since I felt so inspired.

I also had a job interview today that seemed to go well. I was nervous when the phone rang. This was my first ever phone interview. I’m pleased with how it went and I’ll know the result in a few weeks.


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