Filling an Empty World

It’s that time of night when I look back at my day and realize I’ve pushed by my brainstorm yet again. I have the basic concept down for a new book, but ahead lies that blank space of world-building. I have a series of roads in front of me and I’m scared to choose one. That’s always been the hardest part of writing for me. Obvious choices are easy to make. Of course the character needs to defeat the antagonist and win his true love, that’s the whole idea! But the small decisions that could go anyway I want are the most daunting because they have the most lasting impact. If I base the government in my book on one idea the consequences will seep into every other piece of the world.

So much to decide! I find myself looking for productive distractions so I can look at the clock in an hour and say, “Look at the time! I’ve been working a while. Guess I’m done!” But I know, and you know, that’s called avoidance.

It’s time to man-up and make a choice already!

I mentioned this in a blog I no longer maintain, but it’s vital information and is helpful in this situation. Ira Glass has a great quote that lifted me up out of my artists’ blues. I sincerely hope it helps you! (And me)

Pushing On



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