Dare to Fail

I want to explain why I choose the quote that heads my blog. I believe that most people are afraid to fail. We are made to be this why by the fact that our society raises up success. People are judged and given value based on what they can and cannot do or the things they have or have not accomplished. Most of us want to be successful, so we shoot for a resume filled with stories of our triumphs. However, what society forgets to teach us is that the road to success if paved with failure. We make mistakes in order to learn. A good rule of thumb I recently picked up was to be sure to fail every day. If you fail, it means you put all your effort into trying and that failure will ensure better luck next time.

The thing we must never do is give up. The fear of failure often stops us from trying in the first place. How sad would it be for a talented painter to drop their brush because someone did not like their work? Be sure to encourage those who make mistakes, for they will keep going.


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